Dunk Island

The island of ‘peace and plenty’


To create a luxurious integrated resort and villa development with a world-class SMART design, and world-leading environmental sustainability features. Positioning Dunk Island as the most sought-after tourist destination in Australia, and a leader in global environmental tourism.

“We intend to put Dunk Island back on the global map and create an island resort that becomes a benchmark for the entire real-estate and tourism industry and an unparalleled travel experience for our guests.” 

Tim Sommers, Founder, PropertyBay


The Proponent proposes to create a low rise, eco-tourism resort on the Island referred to as the Dunk Island Revitalisation Plan. Creating a travel experience of unrivalled natural beauty along with a vast array of amenities and activities.

The Dunk Island Revitalisation Plan includes the following elements:

  • 730 hectares of National Park area (approximately 75% of the Island protected in perpetuity);
  • Beachfront 5-star hotel, 224 rooms with lagoon pool
  • 39 eco-friendly beachfront apartments
  • 225 luxury island eco-friendly villas
  • Golf Course
  • 50 glamping suites
  • Beach bar catering to 300pax
  • Spa, fitness centre, tennis courts and sports club house
  • 840 metre runway 


It is anticipated that Dunk will be one of the world’s first ‘smart’ islands with an eco-system founded upon IOT devices, creating a technology-first experience for travellers. Your smart phone will put you in control of your stay, from hotel check-in to restaurant reservations or booking a round of golf. A tokenised-economy is also part of the plan, with the development of a ‘cash-less’ system using a utility token unit, the currency for transaction across the Island.



Indicative milestones as at November 2018. This roadmap may be subject to change.


Our vision is to create an environmentally compassionate, sustainable and culturally rich resort, committed to  the preservation, protection and conditioning of the natural beauty and precious biodiversity of Dunk island. Exciting local and international collaborations form part of this strategy and we will be announcing them in due course. 


We are working with the industry powerhouses and leaders in tech to develop our tech-forward island plan to create an experience like no other for both guests, visitors and staff. From self-driving buggies, to efficiency solutions for safety and sustainability, and AI for service enhancement.


The Dunk Island Resort will greatly improve the lifestyle opportunities for the Far North Queensland community providing Economic Diversity, Increased Tourism and Sustainability.

“The Council is very keen for Dunk Island to once again play an important role as a significant strategic asset and iconic tourism destination for our region that has the right balance between economic commerciality, environmental sustainability and responsiveness to a diverse cross-section of market trends,” 

Cr John Kremastos, Mayor, Cassowary Coast Regional Council.


Economic Diversity

Estimated to generate over $50 million per annum within the Cassowary Coast Region.

Benefits will include: diversity of opportunity and new and broadened business opportunities for increased or expanded service/product provision both directly to the Resort and in association with the increased tourism activity.

Increased Tourism

The Resort will establish a genuine tourism industry in Far North Queensland. This would represent the most significant tourism investment in Queensland for over 20 years and would direct the Queensland tourism focus on the Cassowary Coast.


The proposed development would be the most sustainably advanced resort in the Great Barrier Reef and Australia’s first truly ‘carbon positive’ (feeding power back to the grid) and Green Globe certified resort. The Resort will be low-rise and feature rooftop solar panels and water tanks. The project will demonstrate that the environment and tourism industry can not only co-exist but benefit from each other.