Dunk Island has acquired the title ‘Australia’s most beautiful tropical rainforest island’. Boasting exclusive virgin rainforests, sweeping arcs of golden sands, thriving tropical gardens, Dunk Island is surrounded by stunning coral reefs and turquoise seas. The exotic island paradise has been aptly named ‘Coonanglebah’ by The Indigenous community, translating to “the island of peace and plenty”.

The island is situated four kilometres off the coast of Tropical North Queensland near beautiful Mission Beach.

“Dunk Island, and surrounding palm-fringed Mission Beach is an incredibly idyllic area, where rainforest meets reef – with this project we intend to bring significant tourism, and in turn jobs, to the local community.” 

Tim Sommers, Founder, Property Bay


Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Stretching over 3,000 kilometres along the Queensland coast, the reef is the world’s largest organically created feature and is visible from space. The reef’s impressive coral gardens are home to over 33,000 species of marine life. It is little wonder that the reef is such a popular destination for naturalists and travellers from around the world. And, with over two million annual visitors, the region adds $56 billion in value to the Australian economy.