Dunk Island


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A class of investor that can be offered securities without the usual product disclosure requirements that apply to everyday mum and dad investors.
To become a sophisticated investor, you have to acquire a certificate from a qualified accountant, stating that you have net assets of $2.5 million and/or that your gross income for the past two financial years has been at least $250,000 a year.

PBY units can be purchased in US Dollars (or equivalent in local currency)

An Unregistered Wholesale Management Investment Scheme (MIS)

A “managed investment scheme” can be defined as a scheme where people contribute money or money’s worth to acquire rights to benefits produced by the scheme. Any contributions made are pooled or used in a common enterprise to produce financial benefits for the members of the scheme.

PBY Unit Holder Benefits will include discounts on Hotel and Villa accommodation, holiday packages and possible discounts on Apartment and Villa purchases.

This Managed Investment Scheme is issued by a holder of an Australian Financial Services License.

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The initial development phase, comprising of the 160 room hotel and related infrastructure, is projected to be fully operational in January 2022.

The new airport and runway which is a part of the development plan, is projected to be accessible by commercial aircraft.

The re-development has an Eco-luxury vision, and our design ethos is to be a world leader in global environmental tourism.

The Island will be a ‘smart island’ with IOT technology enabled seamlessly in all accommodation, golf course, and other facilities.